Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our family grew by "2 feet!"

May 30th 2014 was a special day for our family! Ace Thomas Atchley joined or family! He was 6 15 and 20 inches long. He was so small compared to his big brother who was 8 4! The minute we laid eyes on him it was instant love at first sight. He was born so calm and has the sweetest personality. He hardly cries, only at bath time, and puts up with Dawson's loud playing. Dawson especially loves him! I was worried he would have a hard time but since we brought Ace home Dawson has fully embraced being the big boy! It's been great!
I am so happy and blessed. I feel  my Heavenly Father's love for me because he gave me this beautiful family. Life is so wonderful and my heart is full!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Daws the 2 year old

Oh my goodness Daws is 2? What a great day we had today. That little dude has stolen or hearts and made us fall even more in love with him! He is Mr independent and although he can be too independent sometimes, I think it's really great! We started our day with some yummy Mickey mouse pancakes and opened dinner presents from mom and dad. Then we spent the day together ending it with a bbq with our family and some pretty wonderful presents! Dawso is spoiled!
  So here are some two year old stats:
-obsessed with trucks and pulling trailers
-loves to sing. Twinkle little star is his number one single.
-planes are another obsession
-make that anything with a motor, better known as "brooom brooms"
-dad is moving into the number one favorite spot. He asks me at least 100 times a day where Dada is.
- my favorite word he says is bompa (grandpa)
-his favorite thing to say is, "huh?" Over and over and over no matter how much you repeat the question.
-he likes to change the subject when he doesn't like the convo your having with him.
-gives the best kisses (he even kisses his own owies if I'm not close)
-HATES nursery
-still loves blueberries.
-can ride his bike like a champ
-he is ALL BOY!

We love him soooooo much and feel blessed every day. Happy birthday Dawson!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Relaxin' on the river

Today was HOT! We needed something to do. Thank goodness uncle Tuc has a boat- so we borrowed it today and did some fishing. Tay and Tadd caught a fish and then we decided it was time to get in the water! We did some knee boarding and had a blast! Daws had fun to, except he wasn't to fond of the life jacket (note: his sad face pic) What a fun day out on the boat! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outside all day long!

Today was a great kick off to summer of 2013! We didn't have to be anywhere or do anything, so today was all about Dawson!  I've been so busy lately and it seems like I've been whisking him here and there and haven't given him much of "his time." We started the morning off with chocolate chip waffles and chocolate milk then we got on our summer clothes on headed out the door! He learned how to drive the power wheels, played with his truck in the dirt, shot some hoop, and then we took off on a bike ride to the park :-) Daws ran and ran, climbed slides, swung for half an hour I swear, and picked dandelions. After the park we met grandma Teresa at the pizza place for some lunch. Played with aunt Tia and grandma Tara for a few minuets, and had to put the pause on the fun for nap time. After a good rest- it was back outside for more playing. More basketball, riding, and great fun with some sidewalk chalk! Then it was definitely time for a bath! Since it was a great summer day, it was time for a nice summer hair cut- after that we busted out the summer Jammies and off to bed.    We were outside ALL DAY LONG and Daws thought I was the coolest!! 
   Days like this remind me of why I am living my fairytale. I've always dreamed of the yard with toys strung all over, pictures all over the sidewalk, dirty hands and toes, bath time after a long day followed by snuggles. I'm so blessed. 

Notice he's sitting on his basketball while creating his art! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My New Favorite Beauty Products!

Being a Cosmetologist, I love beauty products.  I am willing to try anything to help my hair be healthier or my makeup look better!  I have found some products that I absolutely can NOT live without and thought, why not share the love? Here are some of my FAVORITES!!

                                                               1) Moroccan Oil

My hair has loved me ever since I started using this amazing stuff.  My bleached out strands just drink this yummy stuff right up, giving me some strong, smooth, shiny hair.  And the smell is even better!! I put it in when I first get out of the shower, but you can also put it in dry.  On days when I need a little smooth down I run it through my ends and it does its job perfectly! 
2) Big Sexy Hair- Powder Play 
Attention all you "ratters" out there! Your dream product is real!! This powder is perfect for helping your "bumped up" hair to stay in all day without going through a can of aerosol everyday to get it to stay.  All you do is sprinkle some on your roots and softly tousle in and Va Va Voom! Gives you a hold that stays in all day and is re workable for day old hair! My cabinet will always have a bottle of this in it! It also lasts forever! Yay!
* These products can only be purchased through a licenced Cosmetologist. So hurry to your local hair dresser and get some today!
Next onto makeup.  I am not the best "makeup artist" but I do like my face to look fresh and even.  My skin is not the best and I try to take care of it the best I can but there are just some things that need to be hidden by makeup.  Foundation is for sure my friend and I WILL NOT be seen out in public without it!  I have the kind I liked, but needed a way to apply it to make my blemishes and HUGE pores be less noticeable........
3) Introducing: The Beauty Blender!
This egg shaped sponge has changed my foundation problems! I read about it in a magazine and thought, why not try it out?  I have LOVED it! It comes in this cute little bag with some cleaner (I also use it for my makeup brushes!).  All you do it dampen it, blot any excess water out and stipple your makeup on with it! Getting it wet beforehand makes it so it doesn't soak up your makeup and waste it.  By stippling it on your face, it helps fill in those pores and cover those annoying zits!  I haven't seen it sold in stores yet, but it's easy to order online!! Just go to beauty blender.com! I love the even coverage I get by using it!
4) E.L.F concealer and eye liner
I have the darkest circles under my eyes, like seriously, and could never find a concealer that was thick enough to cover without breaking the bank.  This new line of makeup is in stores now (I got mine from Target, but I've seen it in Walmart too) and it's the cheapest makeup on the shelf!! No kidding! The Concealer does the hard job of covering my dark circles and highlighting as well!  I love eyeliner and also hate spending so much money on a small pencil.  It just stinks that you get what you pay for ..... Well not with this one! This eye liner goes on so smooth without tugging on your eyelid! These two products are quality without being so expensive!
The End :-)


Friday, March 22, 2013

My little baller

Some kids have blankets, some have stuffed animals, some suck their thumbs, but my baby LOVES his ball! This is all we do all day... Shoot,dribble, pass. It so cute watching him learn and develop his motor skills. And I may be biased, but he's really good!!! He almost never misses a basket and he's almost got the dribbling thing down!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dawson's first bowling game.

We had a fun family night tonight at the bowling alley!! It was black light Friday and the music was blasting! Dawson was in complete awe of how awesome it was! He loved bowling, but busting moves all night was his favorite!! We had such a great time. I'm so thankful for my family. I'm not lucky, I'm soooo blessed!